Respect Tradition 

Kingwood Girls Rugby Club 

The Kingwood Rugby Club was started by students at KHS in 2004.  In the beginning there was only a boys team.  It was classified as a High School Club Sport.  The founding members longed for a sport that revolved around them, and not the usual politics of coaches, parents, and boards.  The team was mostly made of students that longed for playing time that they did not receive in their other sports.  There were also several players that had lived overseas.  The beginning year were very rough as they usually are with any new team in any sport.  But they learned, and improved.  Most important of all, they became a close group of best friends.  Graduating members went off to college to play with a new found fire burning.

As the years went by, students at KHS began to take notice of the Rugby club and the fun that the guys seemed to be having.  This kept the Rugby team alive and growing.  The team eventually became competitive in Texas and made the State Playoffs several times. 

During this time there would be a few girls that took notice and would come to practice to learn the sport of rugby.  Finally, in 2009, there were enough girls to start a team.  The girls team consisted of mostly KHS students but always welcomed KPHS girls onto the team.  They hit the Texas scene with a force and were immediately competitive.  There were never more than 5 girls teams in TX. 

Over the years, Kingwood Girls established themselves as a rugby powerhouse.  They have recruited enough girls to field 2 teams in some years, allowing for competitive and developmental sides.  They won 3 State Championships, sent several players on scholarships to college programs, supplies advanced select teams (Stars and Stripes, Serevi, All-American, Texas Selects, and Team USA) with reliable players.  One player by the name of Whitney Wilson even made the Youth Olympic team playing for USA in Nanjing, China in 2014.  She continues to be successful, winning the college national championship for Life University.   

Rapid growth of rugby across the nation has helped increase the competition levels for girls here in Texas.  There are now over 14 girls rugby programs for high school in Texas and state titles are hard fought battles.  Yet Kingwood Girls continues to be a powerhouse.  The club has been covered in national and local media outlets.  In 2016 Kingwood became the first girls team in Texas to be nationally ranked in high school rugby (Ranked #24).  In 2016, the Kingwood team traveled to Philadelphia, PA to compete in the Penn Mutual CRC National 7's Tournament.  Out of 12 national teams participating, the girls finished a very respectable 6th. 

In the summer of 2016, the girls program separated from the boys program, but continues to carry on the original success and tradition that those founding members hoped for.  Kingwood Girls Rugby Club continues to be affiliated with the boys club (Storm Rugby), as well as the newly created Youth Club under the Lake Houston Rugby Club umbrella.  The Kingwood Girls club kept their Kingwood name to remain known to national media outlets and college recruiters, but have changed their colors, exchanged their mascot for a shield, and begun recruiting all girls intensely in the Northeast Houston area.  We also put a strong focus on giving back to the community but doing philanthropy events such as Rugby Best Buddies.  With all these new efforts, and the help of new recruits, the club looks forward to another successful year.